Reclaiming The Cast-Offs

This is who we are. The shelves, usually reclaimed themselves, are filled with items that someone once loved and then let go. The nostalgia is everywhere you look in here.

“Grandma had dishes like these, but my cousin got them when she passed.” So they pick these dishes up to take home to honor that memory.

“We played this board game as kids!” So they take that board game home to share with their kids for family game night, or share with their friends for drinking game night.

A stuffed teddy bear, with big button eyes, from the 1930’s. A glass tea kettle with gold lines, retro from the 1960’s. Record albums from the past 10 decades, in various conditions and across various genres. A mid-century modern writing desk and chair, with clean lines and solid wood. A dresser that lost it’s sheen so was painted and distressed and now holds the linen tablecloths from your great-grandmother and displays your collection of vintage farmhouse kitchen utensils.

And it’s us, too. We are the ones that have seen the hard-scrabble times and survived, appreciating the fact that a jar of jelly had a cute cartoon on it and became our favorite juice glass. We appreciate the tiny chip in the side of the enamel pot because we know how durable that pot is to withstand the daily heat and use for cooking or cleaning. We appreciate the heft of a solid wood armoire because we remember the time when there were not huge walk-in closets in the houses. We are the ones who may not fit with the current trends and fads, but we are the classic pieces that have the stories to tell if you want to listen and learn about the history.