Somewhere, leaning against the wall by a rusty tree saw or stacked under a pile of fraying vintage handkerchiefs, is the thing you’re looking for.

It’s the grey marble topped sofa table with a chip in the edge giving it a defiant “I’ve survived worse.” look.

It’s the well-loved, stitched ear falling off, teddy bear in the corner with a plaid bow tie that matches the colors in your just redecorated bedroom that wants to go home with you and belong in that room.

It’s the five mis-matched collector’s plates with birds and flowers on them that beg to be glued to old flower vases and become cake stands for your church bake sale next month.

It’s the well-worn barnwood boards whispering for a new life as a coat hook by your front door when pieced together with vintage door knobs.

It’s the cute collectable toy, one you may have played with as a child, one that evokes fond memories of playing with your cousins as kids, that makes you grin now and wants to be taken home so a new generation can keep playing and having fun.

It’s all this and more. We house the tales within the treasures here at Dragonfly Sage and this is where we share them.


The carrier pigeons would rather hang out in the walls above the back windows and don’t actually deliver messages anymore, slackers. So, use them at your own risk.

The only smoke signals we work with are sage smudge bundles when cleansing and clearing the space. It’s good for getting rid of negativity, ghosts, and bugs, but not for leaving messages.


All the social can be found below. We operate in an alternate timeline most days, unsure of what year we’re dealing with, so don’t expect an immediate reply. When the time machine drops us back off and we can tap into an app, we’ll respond or let you know what else has popped up in the store.

If you kick it old-school and like to talk to someone, we do try to answer the phone by the 5th to 6th ring if we’re in, and can be reached at 512.863.9607. No, we do not have car parts…well, at┬áleast not the current parts…got a great vintage steering wheel over here though…

Sometimes we do see our email within a day or so, and you can try that if you want to: heather (at) dragonflysage (dot) com.




Creatives who have an affinity for antiques and collectibles. Sometimes we make things pretty with them.



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